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The signing ceremony of Research Base (Spunlace nonwoven)


Today production equipment and raw material supplier will in our company set up 3 Research Base

 1)Polyester Staple Fiber for spunlaced Reasearch Base ( Huaxicun)

     Research Fields: To research more professional use for spunlace fields polyester staple fiber.

 2)Carding Technology Research Base (GERON)

     Research Fields: Increase the carding speed without affecting the evenness of the network.

 3) Spunlace equipment Research Base (Hi-TECH)

Research Fields: Increase the spunlace speed without affecting the fabric quality.

Weifang Hengjin Non Woven Material Co.,Ltd build in2015, cover an area of 130000 square meter, has 3 advanced spunlace nonwoven fabric production lines, every month can production 2400tons parallel spunlace nonwoven fabric.

 Production range:

 Material: Viscose, Viscose+Polyester, Polyester, Bamboo,Tencel

 Weight: 25gsm-90gsm

 Width: 18cm-225cm

 Pattern: Plain,Embossed, small dot,EF,22Mesh

 Technical: Parallel spunlace


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