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Mesh Spunlace Non-Woven Fabric

The technological process of reticulated spunlace non-woven fabric is to spray high-pressure water jets onto one or more layers of fiber webs , so that the fibers are entangled with each other, so that the fiber webs are strengthened and have a certain strength.

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Weight: 27g/㎡—90g/㎡
Width: 16cm—225cm
Performance of mesh spunlace non-woven fabric: It has the characteristics of high moisture absorption and fast moisture absorption, low fluff, washing resistance, and appearance similar to textiles.
Product use: diapers, sanitary napkins, dry towels, wet wipes, facial masks, disposable bath towels, etc.
Customized service: Spunlace non-woven fabrics of different specifications and uses can be customized according to customer requirements.

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